Issues related to embedding dashboards for public consumption

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to publicly display a 7.14 dashboard via iframe on the same domain. I have set up security, use an API key and everything works with anonymous access.

However, there are several issues related to how it looks. and I'd like to achieve two things

  1. Ideally I'd like to edit CSS

  2. I'd also like to use a script to resize the iframes to the content

However there are several issues. Plugins for editing CSS don't seem to work, and TSVB CSS seems to get lost when iframed. Iframe resize scripts don't seem to work either. So then a couple questions:

  • I am currently using the share link from the dashboard itself. I think using the internal link (e.g. localhost/ IP) may help with cross domain issues. is this the case?
  • If so, is that possible with security and TLS set up?
  • if so, how? replacing the domain name with an internal link doesn't seem to work?
  • I think this may unlock the ability to resize iframes as well. is this the case?

If anyone has general guidance on the issues or specific answers to my questions I would greatly appreciate it!