It seems impossible to modify/delete an index after setting blocks.read_only=true

I have an index, let's call it myindex, and I updated the settings to make
it read-only like so:
PUT myindex/_settings {"blocks": { "read_only": "true" }}
This worked as expected, but now I am stuck! I need to delete this index,
but I cannot modify this index because blocks.read_only also disables
meta-data updates.

I tried to do undo it like so, but it failed:

PUT myindex/_settings {"blocks": { "read_only": "false" }}

ClusterBlockException[blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/5/index read-only (api)];];

So I thought closing it first would help, but that failed too:

POST myindex/_close

ClusterBlockException[blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/5/index read-only (api)];];

Deleting the index failed with the same exception.

Am I stuck with this index until then end of time!?!

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