Iterate_on in translate filter

I encounter a problem with iterate_on.
I have multiple config files for different client, which are the same except the name of the files. The translation with the dictionnary works for the indexes from some config files, but not for the others. I check multiple times my configurations, but everything is okay.
I change my dictionnary from csv to json, but in that case, the translation works for some indexes which didn't worked before in csv but for some which was working before in csv does'nt work in json. There's no error inside the logstash logs and I'm in debug mode.

My question is : is the iterate_on parameter stable ? I'm working with the 7.5 version. What could be the problem ?? It's a headache, I'm working on this for 2 entire days.

Can you provide an example of your configuration and an event that you say it does not work on?

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