Java Api Client TermsQueryBuilder how to add terms from collection of strings

The only available method is by ObjectBuilder value(List v) method.
Why there is no option to add just a list of Strings?

I am using Elasticsearch-java-7.16.2 version

I had to finish with something like that:
.terms(tqf -> tqf.value(
which in my opinion doesn't look pretty.
There should be a better way, isn't it?

The FieldValue class represents the various value types of index fields. This is indeed unnecessarily complex.

A way to simplify things would be to add an additional method to FieldValue:
static List<FieldValue> of(List<String> list)
which would then allow writing:

.terms (tqf -> tqf.value(FieldValue.of(fClasses)))

Would that help? And of course similar methods would be added for collection/arrays of other types supported by FieldValue

Yes, that would be useful, but what about adding an additional method to TermsQueryField$Builder:

public ObjectBuilder<TermsQueryField> value(List<String> v)

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