Java API requires GPL code

I would like to use the new Java API described here:

But when I include it in my pom and try to generate a JAR with all dependencies included, licensescan-maven-plugin tells me that there are two GPL dependencies:

[WARNING] - jakarta.json:jakarta.json-api:2.0.1:compile
[WARNING] - org.eclipse.parsson:parsson:1.0.0:compile

Those dependencies were not there before, so I am assuming that they are introduced by the Elasticsearch-java jar.

My project is not allowed to use GPL code, so this is an issue. Is there a way to use the new Java API without including those two components?


Please check maven dependency tree and exclude the two transitive dependency from parent dependency .
mvn dependency:tree : this command can be used .

@Alain_Desilets these libraries are licensed under EPL-2.0 OR GPL-2.0 with Classpath-exception-2.0.

This is the new licensing scheme for all JakartaEE specifications and reference implementations (JakartaEE is the successor to JEE). See the projects at Eclipse EE4J · GitHub

So it's up to you to choose which of these two licences you want to use for your application. For commercial applications, EPL-2.0 (the Eclipse Public License) is the one you want.

You should tune the configuration of licensescan-maven-plugin so that it accepts this dual licensing.

Thx. That addresses my concern.

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