Java APM agent not sending data to Server

We are trying to test out the Beta of java APM agent. We get 200 health checks from the agent when looking at the server logs but no data is being sent. is there a step we are missing.


that is our agent config. Any help is greatly appreciated.

anyone have any suggestions?

Hi and thanks for trying out the Java agent. I’m sorry it’s not working for you out of the box.

Could you attach the agent debug logs here? Also, which frameworks and application Server are you using?

Hello Felix,

Thanks for reaching out . We tried using jetty but no information was showing up in ES or Kibana. We are just trying to get GC time, count and cpu utilization. By application server do you mean APM-server( we are using latest version)? We are running this all on CentOS 7.4 .

Turned out the problem was that you were using Jetty's AbstractHandler instead of the ServletContextHandler. I have updated the documentation about the supported servers. I have also improved the troubleshooting docs which hopefully makes it easier in the future to detect that something is not supported yet.

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