Java Agent Not reporting Data on Tomcat Server


We have installed Java APM agent for Tomcat Server,but its not reporting data back to the dashboard.
Pls suggest possible troubleshooting steps for the same.
We r running Kibana on Premise.

Hi @Pooja1992 , welcome to our forum :wave:
Start in our troubleshooting page and see where it takes you.

Just in case you are not aware, APM requires an APM Server, so you may want to go over our general APM guide.


Thanks for the quick assistance.

We tried apm server steps with curl and it is up n running.

Still we r unable to see any data.

Pls let us know whr we can see agent logs and also we r unable to find properties file of an agent so we hv updated settings with env variables.

Can u pls let us know what we r missing.

Sorry, I can't assist with each step of the setup.
Most of what you need is well documented. Some relevant examples:


PFB link for the document.Let me know if anything else required.

Note: We are trying this setup on our own machine(Kibana,Elasticsearch,APM Server,tomcat Server and java application resides on a single machine)


Pls let us know if we are missing anything, we r still struggling with the data reporting part.

Thanks in advance!

This is a forum for asking questions on specific issues, we cannot provide full support here.
Our documentation is full of resources that you need to go through in order to get the most out of our solutions.

Nevertheless, I did go through your setup, so I can provide some advice:
The major issue is that you didn't understand how the agent is setup through the -javaagent argument. If you go through the relevant setup page, you can see that it is added to your application's command line as an additional command line argument. The agent is not a Java application, it attaches to a Java application. With that regard, the service_name is not a configuration to your application path.

I hope this is sufficient advice to get you to the next step, but this doesn't replace reading the guides.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot, @Eyal_Koren ,

We will try and implement these steps and let you know.

Thanks for your assistance!

It's working now.

Data is reporting back to the dashboard.

Pls, let us know where we can check the DB queries in the dashboard.


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