Java High Level Client Nodes Info API

I'm in a process of migration between Java Transport Client and Java High Level Client.
Transport client had a nodesInfo API (we used client.admin().cluster().prepareNodesInfo().execute().get().getNodes() to be more precise) and I wasn't able to find a replacement in Java High Level Client (7.10).
I've reached to this Github issue that says that nodes info wasn't required for high level client completeness.
So, I ask: Is there an alternative to Transport Client's nodes info API in Java High-Level REST Client?
Thank you in advance!

Not in the high-level REST client, but you can call the REST API directly via the low-level client (which you can obtain via RestHighLevelClient#getLowLevelClient()).

Out of interest what were you using the nodes info API for in your client application? Perhaps there's another way to achieve the same goal, or perhaps you have a compelling enough case to add the nodes info API to the high-level client.

Thank you for your response, @DavidTurner .
Well, our product (LumisXP) use Elasticsearch as a NoSQL database for our Customer Experience Platform.
We use the nodes info API as both gathering Elasticsearch nodes JVM usage statistics and health checking (check Elasticsearch version to know if it is supported --- in each Elasticsearch cluster node).

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