Javascript script to compute calculated field


I have JavaScript plugin installed. I can use inline javascript for script
property, but cannot reference a javascript file name similar to article.

I can put a groovy script in there and reference it just fine.

Can you help me, this is my javascript, maybe even help convert into groovy

function calculate-scenariotime(match) {
var elapsedtime = new Array();
var cStart;
var j = 0;
for (var i = 0; i <; i++) {
if ([i].name === match[j]) {
if (j === 0) {
cstart =[i].start;
if (j === match.length - 1) {
var dur = (Date.parse([i].end) -
Date.parse(cstart)) / 1000;
elapsedtime[elapsedtime.length] = dur;
j = -1;
else {
j = 0;
return elapsedtime;

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