JDBC importer for Elasticsearch 2.1.1


I have released JDBC importer which is compatible to Elasticsearch 2.1.1

There is not much functionality that has changed or added. Detected JSON can now be parsed as lists/maps, thanks to a contribution by Simon J Hewitt.

Please try this new release, all feedback and contributions are welcome. The Elasticsearch community is really great. I will still continue to work on JDBC importer in 2016 on a voluntary basis and I have many plans for improvements.

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2016!



P.S. if you want to honor me for my work, you can now send me a donation. See the button at https://github.com/jprante/elasticsearch-jdbc Thanks for your support!


I released JDBC importer with a fix for the cluster name parameter.

If you have trouble connecting to the cluster, you can try

 "elasticsearch": {
  "cluster": {
    "name": {

in the JDBC importer specification.

Next try, JDBC importer contains a fix and is actually connecting to a cluster (again). Wow. Now merry christmas everybody and sorry for the noise.