Jms_reply_to field and logstash-input-jms plugin - Value not showing?

Hello, everyone.

I have installed logstash-input-jms 3.0.1 plugin to Logstash 5.3.0, configured it, and it is consuming messages off of a Qpid queue using the Qpid Client 6.1.2 libraries. I have Logstash output set to stdout {codec => rubydebug} for now.

I'm seeing lots of good things in the console except for the jms_reply_to field. This is what I'm seeing:

"jms_reply_to" => #<Java::OrgApacheQpidClient::AMQAnyDestination:0x7cd491f1>

To me, this looks something like Java's default Object.toString() output, which isn't what I'm expecting. I was expecting the Qpid message source address. Is it obvious to anyone that I may have incorrectly setup the plugin or the Qpid queue?

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