Join between two indices is possible in elasticsearch

I want to perform join between two indecis in elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch does not support joins. If you can describe your data and the type of queries you need to support someone might be able to suggest workarounds though.

As a possible workaround, you might be interested to check this other discussion and also this article about the new enrich processor available in ES 7.5.

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in addition to the already given answers, I like to mention another possibility: You could "join" 2 indices using transform and create a new index which has the data of both. Scripting give you a lot of flexibility to do this.

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It depends on what you want to do. We do not have the classical database join but we might be able to solve you usecase in a different way.

Maybe you can describe what you want to do?


Thanks to all for your valuable suggestions. yours answer helps a lot to me. Now we are facing another problem..
Can you please let me know if we can integrate the Kibana in our application in such a way that 1 dashboard is accessed by multiple users but each users can see different different dashboard based on their access of data.

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