Join two index ( metricbeat & business )


I will explain my case with an example.

I have 2 indexes, one of them is the created by metricbeat and the other is an index that contains business data of my company.

I would like to create a canvas. This canvas will have a selector because both, metricbeat ( and the business index (server), have a common field with the name of the server.

I would like to have visualizations of metrics and business and that once the server is selected they are painted.

If I put the server field to be called, could it work as if they were just one or do I have to do a join? in case of joining I would like to learn how to do it through logstash with the Elasticsearch filter avoiding the use of kibana.

Thank you so much in advance!

Yes you can do this with an Elasticsearch filter, that would be ideal.

can you tell how the query must be?

   elasticsearch {
      hosts => ["es-server"]
      index => "mindex with servers"
      query => "server:%{server} AND{}" ????
      fields => { "server" => "new-field-with-server" } ??????

I'm a bit confused.
why should I use a query and not just take the field I want and give it a name as if it were a mutate?

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