Define Index Pattern for Metricbeat in Kibana


Currently I have only one server from which I collect metrics by Metricbeat.
In Kibana I created index pattern metricbeat-* to be able create some charts.
But how can I create index patterns for several servers? Should I define tags in metricbeat.yml for every server with Metricbeat installed?

(Robert Cowart) #2

You shouldn't need to. The data from all of the servers will land in the metricbeat index. Each metricbeat data record will include the fields host as well as beat.hostname. You can simply filter on those to view data specific to a single server.



Do you mean when making a visualization in Kibana select Split Chart -> Sub Aggregation -> Filters and type beat.hostname==host_name?

That will make title for Y-axis as host_name:filters instead of correct metric name, e.g. Average system.filesystem.used.pct.

Is there another way to filter metric data for different servers.

(ruflin) #4

In case its an option for you to have different configs on each server, you can also use fields: ... configuration or tags: ... as you mentioned earlier.

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