Journalbeat usage for starters

(Arindam) #1

As I have been working with ELK, I have felt the need to track my journalctl logs. So my quest brought me here and I see that something like journalbeat exists which does exactly the thing I wanted. Although, it is my belief, it is still under development which I why I have decided to contribute to the development of journalbeat.

For now I would like to use journalbeat on my ELK environment and see how it works. Following the github repo hasn't helped me with much details. So could anyone of you please lend me a hand here and guide me as to how to get this thing to work?

Thanks a ton!

(Mark Walkom) #2

It'd be great if you could share what problems you are hitting so we can work through them :slight_smile:

(Arindam) #3

Apologies for the late response.

I was having problems with getting it to run. Then I realized I don't have the yml config file. Edited the yml according to my environment, tried running it again and it threw json templates missing. Created one following the filebeat style and then it started working!
Finally, I was able to see my logs on Kibana from journalbeat.

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