JSON query in Kibana 4

I want to know how can one write JSON queries in Kibana 4 .

What exactly do you mean by that? Using Elasticsearch Query DSL in the search bar? Something else?

Hi Tanya,

Even I had the same question , (Can we add our own JSON format query and use it in Kibana?). Actually what we want is we want to run the following command which is in JSON format in Kibana search bar .


Now question would be why we need to run the above JSON query , we are aware that in search bar we can only run normal key value format search , something like "Name":"vikas". Now I want to apply deep search , so for that I have to design a JSON query which provide us more detailed data . So is it possible to use such query ?

You can put the query/filter part of the Elasticsearch Query DSL (no aggregations) into the Kibana search bar. The intent is to filter down the number of documents return from Elasticsearch. There is an example of doing that here: Where to add a missing filter in this Kibana search

hi.... i want to add new graph by js library .is it possible in kibana 4 version?