JSON string Mapping in elasticsearch

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We are in development phase and using one master and two data node

I am using elasticserch to save application log in JSON format.

So that we could easily create mapping on all josn filed .

Our Log format is very simple JSON string .

"timestamp" :"",
"application" :"",
"severity" :"",
"clientip" :"",
"server" :"",
"exception" :""


Now When I am sending log logstash to Elasticserch then log is being
saved and displaying under @message column on Kibana and _plugin Head as a
JSON string

Now I want to create mapping on three fields (timestamp,application
and severity ) form JSON string to create schema and make these filed

To create mapping i run the below curl command

curl -XPUT http://localhost:9200/_template/logstash_per_index -d '{
"template" :"logstash*",
"settings" : {

   "index.cache.field.type" :"soft",
   "index.store.compress.stored" : true,
   "index.query.default_field" :"@message"

"mappings" : {
"default" : {
"_all" : {"enabled" : false},
"properties" : {
"@message" : {

              "properties" : {
           *        "timestamp" : {"type":"date"},*
  •                   "application" : {"type":"string"},*
  •                   "severity" : {"type":"string"}*
           "@source": {"type":"string","index":"not_analyzed" },
           "@source_host": {"type":"string","index":"not_analyzed" },
           "@source_path": {"type":"string","index":"not_analyzed" },
           "@tags": {"type":"string","index":"not_analyzed" },
           "@timestamp": {"type":"date","index":"not_analyzed" },
            "@type": {"type":"string","index":"not_analyzed" }    

But after run these command these filed are not searchable yet (i.e Not
comming as separate column ).

[image: Inline image 1]

We are not not able figure out what is the wrong with this mapping.

Kindly suggest .


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