Kafka input stop running after some minutes

i am using logstash-input-kafka 8.0.4,logstash 6.1.1
kafka server version 1.0
logstash config
kafka {
group_id => "b2bconsumer-group"
topics => "b2border"
consumer_threads => 1 # number (optional), default: 1
decorate_events => true # boolean (optional), default: false
codec => json
client_id => "logstash_b2b3"
max_poll_interval_ms => "600000"
session_timeout_ms => "10000"
i started three logstash instance,with different client_id. all running normal with some minutes,then i see this log on 3 logstash machine
sending leaveGroup request to coordinator
then all 3 logstash instance didn't comsume any kafak infomation.
Pls help

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