Kafka monitoring using JMX input plugin

I read some tech notes on using jolokio jars to get logstash to consume JMX data from kafka and send it ES.
Also came across the JMX input plugin. Installed and configured it and I am able to get the JMX metrics from kafka with a polling interval of 5 seconds into ES.

I am reading[ havent tried] that metricbeat comes with inbuilt dashboards? is this true to view kafka data in Kiabana?

Should i go the jolokio route vs the JMX input route? I like the JMX input route as i dont have to touch anything on the running kafka servers.

Please share inputs.

Also any documentation on how to visualize raw JMX kafka data in kibana please let me know. I see data are coming in that are 5 minute rate/ 15 minute rate etc., trying to figure out the best way to visualize them.

Also finding that when I poll every 5 seconds, i might be missing some JMX events. Is it possible to have JMX plugin always connected and consuming messages?

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