Keep getting error when set watcher email action, elastic 7.5.1 on docker

Hi, I have three master nodes of elastic 7.5.1 running on docker, in each elasticsearch.yml, I have added this conf
        profile: outlook
            auth: true
            starttls.enable: true
            port: 587

inside each container of those three nodes I have set the password with this command

bin/elasticsearch-keystore add

I've tried to set the watcher on kibana interface, but get this error:

Caused by: javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: failed to connect, no password specified?

Then I tried via dev tools adding the key/value from, because in another post someone make it work addin "from"

    "actions": {
        "email_1": {
            "email": {
                "profile": "standard",
                "from": "",
                "to": [
                "subject": "Watch [{{}}] has exceeded the threshold",
                "body": {
                    "text": "sadasd"

Any ideas on what is happening?
do I need to change some configuration on the office336 mail acount?

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