Keeping documentation up-to-date

In some examples in the latest Elasticsearch JS client documentation, the filtered query is still being use, even though it is deprecated. On another instance, I have had to spend time debugging my queries because the documentation is wrong.

Before the next major release, please ensure the documentation is up-to-date. It is becoming increasingly frustrating using ES. And it's not just me who feels this way - see this comment on StackOverflow.

This [answer] entirely depends on the week and minor version of elasticsearch you're using. Moon phase may also have an impact. The syntax for doing this has changed more times than Donald Trump has offended immigrants.

Please, if you could, share the process of how you update your documentation. I'd like to know if Elasticsearch is a reliable tool to use moving forward.

Hi @d4nyll,

Thanks for your feedback. At Elastic, we are working hard to update the documentation with every release. When reading the documentation, please make sure to read the documentation of the version that you are using.

If you encounter any such issues in the future, please do not hesitate to file a Github issue.

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