Kerberos, LDAP - Kibana

Hello, is it possible to configure Kerberos for authentication and use AD/LDAP for authorization (user group membership is read from LDAP for assigning roles?

When will be Kibana - Kerberos feature available?


Feature is already there:

Kerberos is working fine with Elasticsearch.

How should I implement Kerberos in Kibana?

I have not find any documentation about it....

This feature covers the complete Elastic Stack, not only Elasticsearch...

We're in the process of updating our docs, but Kerberos is available for authentication in Kibana since 7.3. If you follow the referenced docs above to configure the necessary parts in Elasticsearch, you'd only additionally need to set [kerberos]

in kibana.yml.

Yes, you can do that too. You can see the preview for this documentation in Configuring authorization delegation | Elasticsearch Guide [7.4] | Elastic

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