Keystore is not possible used in a pipeline after enabling centralized managment

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if is enabled the centralized management pipeline, it will deactivated the path settings to be used in cmd, but some pipeline, could have some key-value from the keystore, and as is deactivated the "--path.setting" cause that some pipelines which need some key-values is not possible being executed manually.

Maybe I'm wrong but logstash has to allow execute pipelines despite having configured "centralized management pipelines", maybe creating another parameter just to reference the keystore-path.

How are you starting Logstash?

What errors do you have in the log file?

The post you shared is a different issue, it is about running logstash with the -f option, to point directly to a config file, not related to path.setting.

Hi Leandro,

Thanks for your answer, it is related to the -f option and also the parameter path.setting, that is because the pipeline had defined inside of it some key/values defined in the keystore and for that reason, I need to define the path.settings, doesn't exist a parameter just to define the location of the keystore.

If you have a pipeline with key/values from a keystore, right now is not possible to execute manually when is configured centralized management pipelines.

It should it be possible to execute manually a pipeline with key/values if is configured centralized pipeline (in order to allow test them).

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