Logstash Centralized management pipeline

I am trying to enable the logstash centralized pipeline management with X-Pack security enabled, but with limited documentation from ELK I am unable to proceed further on how it will look at Kibana side.


Did you follow the instructions in the documentation?

What is not working?

Also, what is your license? You need at least the paid Gold license.

I am using Enterprise License. I followed this documentation and running the logstash as below.

  1. logstash.yml : x-pack enabled with SSL and
  2. abc.conf: with beat inputs and Elasticsearch as output.
  3. added the abc.conf entry in pipelines.yml
  4. running the logstash as "logstash -f abc.conf
  5. created the pipeline (abc.conf) in "Centralized Logstash Management" section of Stack Management in Kibana.
  6. Made the changes in abc.conf, re-running the pipeline, expecting the changes to reflect in "Centralized Logstash Management"

This is not what the documentation is saying.

When using the Centralized Logstash Management you do not use the pipelines.yml anymore, nor you start logstash using the -f parameter, you start logstash and all the pipelines will be synced from your elasticsearch.

I would recommend that you follow these steps on how to configure the Centralized Management Pipeline in logstash.

Ok, So I need to create the separate .conf for each logstash and then list in the "xpack.management.pipeline.id".
I think I am all done with the configuration.
Would be great if you can share the recommended way to run the logstash .

You do not create configuration files anymore, you will create them through the Kibana interface according to these steps

If you want a pipeline named abc, you will need this line in the logstash.yml file in each one of the logstash instances that you want to run this pipeline:

xpack.management.pipeline.id: ["abc"]

Then you will create in Kibana a pipeline with the ID abc, when your logstash instance starts, it will sync the pipeline configuration.

I don't know what system you are using, but I would recommend that you run logstash as a service, if you are on linux you can use systemd and follow this documentation, if you are on windows you can use nssm and follow this documentation

Thanks Leandro much appreciated ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Please do speak to your Support engineer then, they will be able to help :slight_smile:

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