Can't set Centralized pipeline management


I'm trying to set Centralized pipeline management but it is still not working.

I'm using Elastic Cloud trial version and Logstash running on a local vm

my logstash.yml looks like: "" true elastic password 5s ["apache", "cloudwatch_logs"]
cloud.auth: "elastic:xxxx" "yyyy==" /var/lib/logstash
path.logs: /var/log/logstash

I followed instructions from and

But Logstash isn't shipping anything to Elastic if I set manually a conf file and pipeline on logstash vm (whereas these were working fine on hosted trial) and If I create new pipeline in from Kibana UI...nothing else happen than having my pipeline saved under logstash pipeline management

Any tip? Did I miss some steps?

Can you paste the log output that is generated by Logstash after you start it up? I want to see if there are any errors in there that might give us any clues about what's going on.

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