Centralized Pipeline Management Error

Trying to get Centralized Pipeline Management working. I have a small deployment on Elastic Cloud so I know security is enabled. But when I try to run logstash, I get the following error:

`Setting "xpack.management.enabled" hasn't been registered.`

My logstash.yml looks like this:

    xpack.management.enabled: true
    xpack.management.pipeline.id: ["test01"]
    xpack.management.elasticsearch.cloud_id: *****
    xpack.management.elasticsearch.cloud_auth: *****
    xpack.management.logstash.poll_interval: 5s

I've been following this guide.


OK, so nothing has registered an interest in handling the setting xpack.management.enabled if it appears in logstash.yml. Years ago I would have said that indicates xpack is not installed, now I am uncertain.

Yea, this is a paid cloud account so I have premium. I'm at a loss, also.

Please note that the link to the guide is for 7.6. In versions prior to that, the cloud_id and cloud_auth settings are not yet supported. This will error in a similar fashion and I'm wondering if it is just reporting the error at the wrong setting when it should be reporting an issue with the Cloud based settings.

For example, in 7.5.1, I get an error specifically for these 2 settings.

That is indeed the problem. Thank you!

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