Logstash error after integrating X Pack

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Hi All,

Logstash has stopped working after integrating X Pack.
Logstash version used - 6.2.4
X Pack version - 6.2.4

Is there any issue with the integration on these versions?

I see the following error message when I try to run Logstash conf file. I have simple logstash conf file under Logstash/bin folder. File name is simple.conf

So, under logstash/bin, I run
logstash.bat -f simple.conf

I get the following error message -

[2018-06-25T11:21:37,791][ERROR][logstash.configmanagement.bootstrapcheck] There are config files (1) in the 'simple.conf' folder. Elasticsearch is configured as the config store so configs cannot be sourced via the command line with -f or via logstash.yml with path.config

Inputs on this will be hugely helpful.

Thank you,
Vignesh Ravi

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Did you setup centralised config management?

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