Kiabana shortDots:enable

Hello All,

I have seen shortDots:enable into setting

Setting-> Advance
shortDots:enable (Default: false)
Shorten long fields, for example, instead of, show f.b.baz


  1. Where i need to mentioned, show f.b.baz (Into Elastic search ???)
  2. Below is elastic search mapping document script

"logruntime": {
"type": "date",
"format": "epoch_millis||MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm"

So it will create column into Kibana and name of column will be "logruntime", But what if i would name of column "Server Log Runtime" into kibana

Do i need to make changes into Elastic Search mapping document ?

Thanks for your help in Advance,

At this time you can only show the actual field name for fields in Kibana, but it is a requested feature.

You should subscribe to this issue for updates