Kibana 4.1.1 Range query in BYTE Format

Hi All,

I have formatted one of my field (FileSize) which was initially in "integer" format to "BYTE" format in kibana 4.1.1.
Now, i do have filesizes from 1KB to 500MB in my documents.

How do i search in kibana search bar for files ranging from 5KB to 5MB.

FileSize: [5120 To 5242880] WORKING FINE
FileSize: [5KB To 5MB] NOT WORKING

How to make the later query work??

Ankur Mathur

Because the search doesn't know about your formatted fields, it only applies to the visualisation part.

Hey thanks for the info.
I thought may be some kind of reverse process (formatted field to original field) would apply in kibana itself while searching.
Anyways thanks a lot.