Kibana 4.1 Field Formatting ,how to Replace value with Actual Value at Runtime


I am Trying to use new Features of Kibana 4.1 Field Formating

I just Edited the One Of Field called applicant_name whose value is "vikash" ,and gave Type As Link,Provide URL As


Now i want to Replace this values with actual Value for that Field i.e vikash

So, at Run-time I require URL like http://localhost:9012/getid?id=vikash

where vikash is actual came for that that Field from elsticSearch

It seems like what you're trying to do would just work. What seems to be the problem?

Thanks for your reply,

yes it worked for me now


Did any Way to Implement Background Colours on Kibana DashBoard for
version 4.1

I had Successfully created DashBoard but cant able Put backGround Colours

On Wed, Aug 12, 2015 at 4:09 AM, Vikash Singh

There is only one scheme in Kibana 4.1, the light theme. You can modify the CSS directly, or wait for dark theme coming in Kibana 4.3:


I am Facing Unexpected Split while created Table in kibana ,

Is it possible to Create table Column without Splitted Data

please find below attached screen-shots

Actually here its come as full name

but its splitted and i cant find even a actual link

On Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 10:19 PM, Tanya Bragin

No sure exactly what your problem is , but just a note: You kibana (and elasticsearch) instance is completely open to the internet. Anyone can connect and wreak havoc on your data / configuration / saved objects. (So if nothing else , maybe not post the URL on a public forum)

Back to your problem - which data is being split that should not be ?

Hello thanks for your reply,

Acutally i have Some Field like ,

Name is like vikash_singh

Email is like

Based on that i had created the Table in kibana usinh y-axis

X-axis Term for field name and email

But when i see the result it will Split

name As vikash_

name as singh

email as :vikash
email as :.singh
email as :@
email as :bizruntime


I want to know how I will change String Analized to not_analized

I had triyed All possibilty like

I am using Couchbase to get data in elsticSearch using plugin

please update me if you find some Idea how to resolve this

On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 8:39 PM, Pieter Agenbag