Make a value field in Kibana 4 clickable to follow link

I have a large number of webserver logs in elasticsearch and am using kibana 4 to explore them and look for different referral URLs. I occasionally want to click on the URL's. Right now I have to copy and paste them into another tab in my browser. It would be great if I could just click on them and have it open a new tab or at least in the current tab. I have made one other modification to the kibana code base so far and I'm starting to get the hang of it. I still unsure where everything is but I'll get there. Does anyone know if there is a way or a place that I can make the changes in the code, to allow for URL linking in the search results?

Are these URLs in their own field, or just in the data.

It is, the field is link.referral_url:

I read the elasticsearch field datatypes guide but I didn't see anything about URL's however, this seems like a kibana thing not an elasticsearch thing.

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Wow that's great!!! Thank you so much, this is precisely what I was looking for.