Kibana 4.3.2 stopped showing the index

(Stecino) #1

Something weird started happening, Kibana stopped showing contents, of the index. Nothing changed, I can verify that that data is being written to elastic search

curl -XGET

}, {
"_index" : "netflow-2016.05.25",
"_type" : "netflow",
"_id" : "AVTpufm3JNM3v5kkBkys",
"_score" : 1.0,
"_source":{"@timestamp":"2016-05-25T19:01:50.157Z","beat":{},"input_type":"log","source":"/flow_base_dir/dump/flows-201605251900.dump","type":"netflow","@version":"1","kafka":{"msg_size":412,"topic":"herd-netflow-wc1","consumer_group":"logstash","partition":11,"key":null},"platform":"herd","transport":"netflow","dc":"wc1","event_time":"2016-05-25 19:01:50.157","duration":"0.000","protocol":"TCP","source_host":"","source_port":"7800","dest_host":"10.1.xx.xx","dest_port":"44464","tos":"0","packets":"2","Bytes":"104","pps":"0","bps":"0","Bpp":"52","flows":"1","nf_dump_host":""}
}, {

On the kibana I look at my Kibana index mapping, no issues there. I can query data from day ago, I am at a loss.

(Tyler Smalley) #2

Odd, couple things to check.

Confirm that your index pattern spans todays index (ex: netflow-*) and that you have the correct index selected in discover.

Confirm the time-picker is covering the desired timeframe, and not an absolute range.

(system) #3