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(Bergamoyat) #1

Is there a way we can display only the latest value in kibana search field ? We need only the latest value to be seen by the users. We then want to use that search to create visualizations.

data :
timestamp": "2016-11-28T20:52:39.492-0500", "name": "ABCD", "appcode": "ABC"
timestamp": "2016-11-28T19:56:23.777-0500", "name": "ABCD", "appcode": "ABC"
timestamp": "2016-11-28T15:34:11.145-0500", "name": "ABCD", "appcode": "ABC"
timestamp": "2016-11-28T15:01:54.645-0500", "name": "ABCD", "appcode": "ABC"

query dsl :
"aggs": {
"group": {
"terms": {
"field": "name"
"aggs": {
"group_docs": {
"top_hits": {
"size": 1,
"sort": [
"timestamp": {
"order": "desc"

(Matt Bargar) #2

Not yet, but there is an active PR being worked on to add a Top Hit metric which would allow you to see the latest value of a given field.

(system) #3

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