Kibana 4 remote image plugin in kibana 5


I'm relatively new to programming and I'm experimenting with something new here. I was using kibana 4 with following plugin:

In kibana 4 I used this plugin to expose all images in the public folder. So I could access them with /plugins/assets/image.png

Now I upgraded to version 5 and the plugin isn't working anymore. I tried updating it myself but without much luck.

I did not found much info on how to write plugins for kibana 5. I tried to start with this But I got problems with it.

If someone can easily do this, I'd like them to explain, I'd like to know how it works.

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Hi Zizi,

There are a few things that would have to be changed in the steps and plugin installation to make asset-example work again in 5.x.

  1. Copy asset-example to KIBANA/plugins/assets
  2. Change the "version": "0.1.0", line in KIBANA/plugins/assets/package.json. It needs to match the exact version of Kibana, for example 5.0.2.
  3. Put your images into KIBANA/plugins/assets/public
  4. You can still reference your images using http://localhost:5601/plugins/assets/image.png or whatever


Alright that worked!

Many thanks. So I've to keep the version in the package.json updated.

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