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I am trying to develop a custom plugin for kibana 5.5.1. Where can I find examples of such plugins ? I tried looking at . However, none of them seems to work for 5.5.1 . I tried changing the kibana version in package.json . However, it seems the optimization fails for almost all of them. You need to do more than bump versions.

./kibana-plugin install

probably would need to be updated for every little major/minor version. There's all kinds of advice but they are old/invalid. I already see 6.0.0 beta coming up. Can you guys please post a decent tutorial for custom kibana plugin development ?


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It's likely related to Fatal Error after upgrading from 5.4.2 to 5.5.0


Hi @warkolm, It is not related. I do not have a old plugin. This is a fresh installation from the branch tagged v5.5.0 at

Here is my directory structure:

└── kb_newplugin
           ├── gather-info.js
           ├── index.js
           ├── node_modules
           ├── npm-debug.log
           ├── package.json
          └── public

Inside index.js, to register the plugin, I need to give the full path like -
visTypes: ['plugins/kb_newplugin/public/kb_newplugin.js'] .

I went through the examples, they don't need to give the full path. Anything which you see wrong in the directory structure ?


I finally found out why it was happening.

KIbana's sao template plugin generates a index.js and package.json after replacing underscores with dashes. So, your plugin directory name may contain underscores, but your plugin name is incorrect in both index.js and package.json. You need to manually fix that before proceeding.

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