Custom plugins not working anymore

Hello everyone,

I'm working on custom plugins migration and I'm facing a problem. My problem is also encountered and explained by somebody else in this thread : Kibana plugin development: Error when creating plugin in Kibana 8.6

The issue actually occured since Kibana 8.8. By reading the code, I found that a migration of kibana.json files was did into kibana.jsonc . The script that handle plugins optimization seems to ignore custom plugins based on a package-map.json file built at the bootstrap time. To build this file, the script use a git command excluding all paths under /plugins/ because of the gitignore.

May be I'm wrong but for me it seems to be a real issue or you have at least to update the plugin generator to generate a compatible plugin.

Hi @pchakour. Can you see if this similar issue is affecting you?

Oh my god !!! Yes this is exactly my issue. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I subscribe to the thread in order to follow evolutions but I'm in the same configuration than desean1625 with a plugin that work like x-pack.

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