Kibana plugin 6.3.1

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Where i can find the working Kibana plugin for 6.3.1. We had a plugin with 6.2.4 and it stopped working in 6.3.x and throws the error as common.bundle.js and vendor.bundle.js.

I tried to look at the template Folder structure is different and also looks like it is using template engine(Not gone through completely. just assumption ).

Question: is there any sample plugin working in 6.3.1 without using sao template? if yes where i can download it. I tried to look at know plugins in GitHub but couldn't find anything updated recently so not sure if it is compatible with 6.3.x

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It could be a few things:

There was a breaking change in the way plugins receive data from the API described here. Additionally, there is a possibility we removed Angular from one of the classes you used and will need to update the imports, details here.

Most of the functionality in Kibana is written using a plugin. You can check out the core plugins here, and the X-Pack plugins here.

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Thanks tylersmalley,

I am able to fix the issue by going through github. sorry i went through the documents you have provided it is 0 Percent help ..Just waste of time.

Clearly if the same way continues it will be very difficult to use the product with custom plugins.We have to spend for fixing things for every release

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