Kibana Plugin visualization problem


I am new to plugin development and was following Tom Roes examples. In the public folder in the clock.js file he writes
var TemplateVisType = Private(require('ui/template_vis_type/TemplateVisType'));

I have tried changing it to template_vis_type as I have seen it in other threads but that seems to be outdated as it is not working either. Thanks!

@timroes any inputs?


Hi Alex,

those tutorials are terribly outdated and won't work at all anymore.

You'll find more up to date documentation in the docs and in this Webinar and this sample plugin.

Though also a warning ahead. We are currently trying to remove Angular from Kibana in as many places as we can, meaning a lot of API will change also in minor versions. I think even some of the above links are not true for 6.3 anymore.

But they should be a good guideline for further questions, that you can then ask here :slight_smile:




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