Kibana 4 : Unable to fetch mapping

Installed ELK in Windows platform but in Kibana getting below message .
Tried all options in Kibana but getting below message

Unable to fetch mapping or Pattern doesnot match

What indexes do you have in your ES cluster? You can use the cat API to list them.

Below is the status when I tried to list indices using _cat API

Do I need to change somthing in Advance Index option in Kibana4

Your index is named "logstash" but you're attempting to configure Kibana to use indexes matching "logstash-*", and you have no such indexes. Adjust the index pattern in Kibana.

Thanks for guiding .
Now I am not getting @timestamp in Time Field Name and create is not working.

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From the output of the _cat API, it looks like you have no data in the log stash index. Is there any mapping present?