Kibana 5.0A2 URI encoding

(Gérald Q) #1

In the Console/Sense app, I can not use spaces or spécial chars in URI params. For example

GET monument/_search?q=mère

GET monument/_search?q=sainte eglise

I get an error child "uri" fails because ["uri" must be a valid uri]

How can I make Kibana encode the URL, so that I don't have to encode it by myself like this?

GET monument/_search?q=m%C3%A8re

GET monument/_search?q=sainte%20eglise

(Joe Fleming) #2

This definitely sounds like a bug in Console, it should be encoding the URLs for you.

Please open an issue in the repo explaining the problems you are having. The examples you used here should be good enough.

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