Kibana - URL format bug - file://

We recently upgraded to the latest version and now url format no longer works correctly for file:// URI's .
For example, the value of the field is file://server/share/directory/filename.txt . When formatted as url, kibana is linking to http://[KibanaServer]:5601/app/file://server/share/directory/file.txt .

Tests with http seem to work correctly. But any test with file:// does not.

This worked correctly in the previous version we were on (5.x) .

Hi @eslogger,

Unfortunately, we do not support linking to urls that contain file://. The url must either be absolute using http or https or it must be relative to kibana root.

If you think this should change, feel free to open an issue in Kibana.


It worked in 5.x . Ideally the url format option should support any valid URI per the RFC. I'll post the request to github. Thanks!

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