URL type format issue

Hello Kibana community,

I try to transform a string field value to a clickable link value to be redirect on this file.

For exemple my current string type value looks like :

  • FAC034MT-20180725-20180725-2125.log
  • CNT024MT-20180725-20180725-1945.log
  • WKF999-20180725-20180726-0016-39-1363-1362-241-2-1495931010-20180726-001651.log

And this field represents a name of file into a directory.

And I would to like to click on it and to be redirect to :

So I have set a "link" type to my string field and set "file://///lpsrvdocfld2/batchsefluidPROD/files/logs/{{value}}" to a Url template value.

But when I click on my link, it open :


.. The domain name is kept.. Is it possible to do what I want to do, that's to say to open only file:////....

Thank you

Kibana explicitly disallows using the file: protocol, you'll need to setup a server to serve those files and access them with http or https. If you want to file an issue to have this changed in Kibana please feel free https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/new


Thank you for your answer,

I just creating a feature request.

Thx !

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