How to fix URL template in string field type URL

Hi Elastic team
I 'm using FSCrewler to Import data to elasticsearch and I change string field name path.virtual to Link URL.
I need to click to access into the file.
How to fix the URL template it

Filename es.txt

URL: template:{{value}}

Hey @111207

Which Kibana version are you using?
Is the field not opening anything when clicking on it?
Or is the URL it opens broken?

I've tried this in V7.7 and it seems to work.

Let us know,

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Hi Liza
Thank you for your comment
The URL it open broken.
It can access the directory Of that file But what I want is to open that file immediately when clicking this URL

I'm tried to delete '#' before /{{value}} and paste URL file manual in Web browser.It's ok.
But If we delete '#' before /{{value}} The Url auto insert "%2F" between directory and file name.It's have an error 404

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