URL template in data view now working

Hi All,

I am getting 1 field which basically is going to showcase service now ticket no. now i want to map that field as a URL and i am trying to achieve it using URL template in that field. however, its not working at all and seems like a bug in 8.5.2 version. I am uploading below snap for your reference and the 2 issues which i observed.

  1. the value should be picked up as Test but its not picking that up and showcasing it as {{value only}}
  2. when the url is clicked, it lands up to kibana url only despite being different at all.

how can it be sorted ?

I've tested it in our cloud and it works as expected, in 8.5.2, and in our most recent version, maybe there's something wrong with the URL string, take a close look, in the samples it seems to be {-{value}}

Hi Matthias.
thanks for your reply. so the weird thing is that i am placing it correctly, but it is working when i am trying it {, then { and then value and then } }. its totally weird but yes, the moment i am doing it any other way, it was not working.

So is it working now with the suggested change? like {{

Hi Matthias,

what i initially tried was correct only. but when i am pasting {{value}} as a whole, it was not working. for some weird reason i had to type it one by one and then it worked..

and that - which you are highlighting, that's not placed by me, if you see URL template in my snap, its correctly placed.