Link a Kibana field to a URL

I have a data table and, for the sake of making this understandable, it has several fields, but the first field is the "name". The "name" in this situation is the name of an application. I want to create the data table so that when the user clicks the "name" in the data table it takes them to a link that displays the application in a different software platform. The catch, however, is that the link to the other software platform doesn't reference the name, it references the "local_id" (which is also a field I have in the index).

So my question is this, is it possible to change the name field to a URL, BUT to make it reference the value of another field? In other words if I have

name = Application 1
Local_ID = 44456

URL to the application is:

I know that I can create a URL template and reference the value of the field using the {{brackets}} but from what I can tell the only thing I can reference is the field that I'm working in. In other words is it possible in the name field to change it to a URL and create a URL template that says:{{VALUE OF LOCAL_ID}?

FWIW as a workaround I created the name field in the data table and then created the local ID as the second field and simply created a label that says --> and then labeled the field as "CLICK HERE" so at the top it says "click here" and then I have a funny looking arrow that is linking to the right spot - but I'd prefer to just make it the name field and do away with that.

Just to make sure I am following, you want the URL template to use the Local_ID value to build the URL - making as you mention.

And then use the name value to build a Label template that looks something like [Application]( (but formatted as an actual link)?

@warkolm - yes...I think.

Here's essentially what I want. I want a data table that has Application Name as the first column and I want that to be a link to the application. The link however has to reference the local_id value to get to the right spot.

I know I can go into the "name" field in the index and change it to a URL and reference the value of that field, but the problem is I don't want the value of that field in the URL I want the value from another field (local_id).

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