[Feature Request] Add link on row table to external application #363


Hi All,

[Feature Request] Add link on row table to external application #363.

I would like to use this feature in kibana.
But this ticket closed by giving this solution

i am not able to find this folders and files in my kibana.
I am using kibana 4.2

Please help me how can add this feature.

Thanks & Regards,

(Tanya Bragin) #2

If I understand what you're trying to do correctly, you should be able to use a URL field formatter for this. You configure that in Settings >> index name >> Edit >> Format >> URL. Then, when you use that value in a visualization (e.g. data table), you'll get a URL link. See attached screenshots for an example.


Hi Tbragin,

Thanks,I am looking for this solution.
I click on index name in settings.But not able to find edit button.
I searched for "request.raw" column in listed columns i didn't find that column
And you mentioned rawvalue from where this value will take.

Please help.

(Joe Fleming) #4

The field name may not be request.raw, you'll want to use whatever field it is that has the data you want to turn into a URL. In Tanya's screenshot above, that was just an example of the interface, not specifically the field to modify.

Settings >> index name >> Edit

The Edit is actually the little gear icon you see on the far right of the field, under the controls heading


Thanks Joe,Tanya

Its working.

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