[Feature Request] Add link on row table to external application #363

Hi All,

[Feature Request] Add link on row table to external application #363.

I would like to use this feature in kibana.
But this ticket closed by giving this solution

i am not able to find this folders and files in my kibana.
I am using kibana 4.2

Please help me how can add this feature.

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If I understand what you're trying to do correctly, you should be able to use a URL field formatter for this. You configure that in Settings >> index name >> Edit >> Format >> URL. Then, when you use that value in a visualization (e.g. data table), you'll get a URL link. See attached screenshots for an example.

Hi Tbragin,

Thanks,I am looking for this solution.
I click on index name in settings.But not able to find edit button.
I searched for "request.raw" column in listed columns i didn't find that column
And you mentioned rawvalue from where this value will take.

Please help.

The field name may not be request.raw, you'll want to use whatever field it is that has the data you want to turn into a URL. In Tanya's screenshot above, that was just an example of the interface, not specifically the field to modify.

Settings >> index name >> Edit

The Edit is actually the little gear icon you see on the far right of the field, under the controls heading

Thanks Joe,Tanya

Its working.