Kibana "Url Template" based access Issue


In the index, for a column, I have the option of setting the type to "Url" and provide a url template.

There are videos explaining how to get this done.

I wanted to use this feature, and set the URL template URL to a visualization in Kibana.
Everything seem to work except one problem.

When I click on the link for the URL, it loads the visualization attached to the URL template. However, the report itseld is blank.
Once I click "Refresh", then the report shows, this is a consistent performance for any/all reports I tried.

Please let me know, how I can click the datapoint in a visualiztion (Typically a Data Table) and invoke the url template, AND ensure that it runs the report. IN other words) I would like to programmatically press the "refresh" .

I wonder if custom actions are actually what you're looking for. This feature was added in 7.8.0.

Details here:

I'm using drilldowns extensively in dashboards. I like that feature but that's not what I am referring to here.

See this video (for a older version of Kibana)

For a Data table visualization, I can make the values a hyperlink with this feature explained in the video, I want to embed another line graph as the URL link... so when the user selects that data point it shows charts.

Use case:

Show me top 10 products as a Data Table.
In the report, each product is a hyperlink, upon clicked, it will show the sales $ line graph for last 1 year ...

Got sort off the same issue, it looks like its keeping or remembering the previous query in place on the discovery page

In your case and empty query in my case a simple key with specific value.

When I click the URL the link should transport me to a different discovery query with the {{value}} as a variable for that specific query instead it send me to that specific saved discovery query of discovery page with the old key-value query and not the new key-value.

It does not seem to read the http URL query string for that matter.

When i press back in the browser the correct query suddenly appears in de KQL field.

The only thing what seems to work for now is to turn on the 'open in new tab', which takes much longer than opening the query in the same tab because it needs to load the kibana page etc..

I cannot do open in new tab as this is embedded inside a react should be able to work in the same tab...

I hope someone can help me with this issue

Here is the problem with screenshots....
When I click on the URL indexed colum, which is pointing to a new report, it opens that report with the filter parameters as I have set.... so far it looks good.


But the report does not load.
So I click on the circle icon to the left of symbol:AMED filter, and do disable all

Then, I do "enable all", and now the report shows....


so somehow, I need to refresh/kick the report to disable/ and enable the filters....

Any insights appreciated.

I dont know if this counts as a bug, maybe try that route?

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