Problems with URL template

So I have a field called "transact" and with string type. I have applied URL formating with the following URL template:{­{value}­}. But when I expand data in "Discover", I can see a link to{­{value}­}. So {­{value}­} is never replaced with the actual value of the field. What's going on?

Can you provide the code you have in the formatter?

What do you mean by code?
I have specified URL format, Type: link and URL template: "{­{value}­}"

I had something similar ... but unfortunately cant remember what exactly the problem was.

It was something simple , like I copied the {{value}} from the "Label Template" - which must have contained some "invisible" html characters as well.
Just retype it by hand.

Wow, that actually worked :slight_smile: Thanks alot.