URL formatting from Advanced Setting

I have formatted a file path on a shared drive and it works fine within the browser as file:///path1/file.txt. I am trying to open the file that pointed to the contents that was indexed.

I have added this string within the mapping as text and tried to format the field as URL from kibana management -> advanced settings

However when I click on the url, the formatting takes me to http://myip:5601/app/file:///path1/file.txt

Is there a way to prevent Kibana from adding it's own url?

Thank you

Hey @r00ting,

For security reasons, the file:// protocol is not supported as a URL formatter. We only support http:// and https:// formats.

If you need support for this, you could consider writing a small plugin that supports this functionality for your installation, by registering a custom field formatter: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/development-uiexports.html

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