Kibana@5.5.1 not all metric see

(Michel Desconnets) #1


I just upgrade to kibana5.5.1 (from 4.4), elasticsearch too.

Now, when I want to create a metric, I don't have not all metric listed in documentation, and for example no "percentile".
I have only :

  • Metric agregations
  • count
    -unique count
    -top hit
  • Sibling pipeline Aggretations
    -average bucket
    -sum bucket
    -min bucket
    -max bucket

My dashboard migrate with percentile are OK, but I must not edit the metric for example.

(Brandon Kobel) #2

@Michel_Desconnets an issue was filed recently for this bug

(Michel Desconnets) #3

Thanks, indeed !

I don't find them, so perfect if issue is known.


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